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                                 New Wedding dresses... I have 6 to choose from for now and some bridesmaids dresses.
also father of the bride suit & a groom set... 
New acting out movies & plays... check out the nut cracker set...

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Reborn dolls (16"-36" dolls)
My Dolls
       Babies Page One
       Babies Page Two
       Adopted This page may take a long
                      time to load. It has a lot of
                      pictures on it.
18" American Girls
18" American Girl Clothes
and mini 6.5" dolls

14 to 16 inch Bitty Baby and 17 to 19 inch baby doll clothes
Bitty (14-16" dolls)

18" My Twinn dolls

Hopscotch Hill Clothes
Hopscotch Hill girls (16")
Clothes made for the American Girl, new 18" My Twinn
& other Dolls that size...

    Mini AG doll Clothes(6.5")mini dolls

AG Bitty Baby (14" to 16")
    Bitty Baby page two
     American Girls (18")*
             History dolls (time period clothes)

              1700 Era  Kaya, Felicity, Elizabeth
1800 Era  Addy, Caroline, Josefina, Marie- Grace,
                                               Cecile, Kirsten
1900 Era  Samantha, Nellie, Rebecca, Kit, Ruthie,
Molly, Emily
                   1900 Er
a #2   Julie, Ivy

Today & Years girls:
     Lindsey, Kailey, Marisa, Jess, Nicki, Chrissa, Som
alis, Gwen,
      Lanie, Kanani, McKenna, Saige & Isabella

                 Everyday, school & play Dress's
 Fancy, party dresses
              Wedding Dresses
Holiday Wear (Christmas, Easter etc)
 Holiday wear 2 (Dance and Tutu's, costumes)
              PJ's, Night gowns and Swimwear
              Jackets, Coats, Capes and Poncho's
              Pant's and Short Set's
Shoes, Boots, underwear and Accessories
              Movie Charterers outfits, theater or plays costumes (like frozen & nut cracker)

     *Clothes fits these 18" Dolls too......
 18" American Girls   
18" my Twinn , Maplelea girls (Canadian dolls)
Journey Girls, Our Generation, Springfield Collection,
Wal-Mart's.. Tolly & My Life girls, Sophia's dolls,

Adora's Forever Friends , Madame-Alexander , Gotz, 
Schwarz 18" dolls

 Hopscotch Hill Girls or Kish (Slim 16"
and some 14"Betsy McCall girls sizes
23 Inch My Twins Clothes
My Twinns (23" dolls)
My Twinns Dolls    23"-24" dolls

      Baby Dolls Sizes...
           8" to 13", 
           17" to 18" &
           20" to 22" (like Lee Middleton's, Apple Valley, Adora Etc...)
100_4535.jpg (2187986 bytes)
18" Magic Attic
& 21" Karito Kids 
        Magic Attic  (for Slim 18" dolls) 
and   21" Karito Kids Doll  

 Island mouse-cover picture.jpg (997398 bytes)

 Children Books
I have written some Children books
 and now offer them for sale here.
 I'll be adding them as I get them in print...


Children Clothes
Children (Sizes 1-16) outfits

Children Clothes
        Matching girls & dolls  
         Costumes for girls & boys
        Girls dresses, skirts & poncho's
        and special orders are welcome ....
  This site is not affiliated with any of the
companies listed on this web site. 
Just listing dolls my clothes will fit.



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